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Tshirts - Vegan (Black)

Tshirts - Vegan (Black)

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Vegan. T-shirt


Non Violence
For The People
For The Planet
For The Animals


Most of the worlds crops go to feed livestock who convert plant nutrients into unhealthy animal products.

Animals are highly sentient, have complex family/social systems, and are capable of suffering just like humans.

Most of the deforestation in the Amazon rainforest is to support animal agriculture.

Humans have the ability to be the guardians of animals, or the oppressors of them. Try to put yourself In their position.

We cannot create a peaceful world when there are still slaughterhouses in existence.

Animal agriculture is now responsible for up to 50% of the world's greenhouse gases.

We are what we eat. Choose Life. Choose compassion. Choose VEGAN

Feed the hungry. Save indigenous people. Stand up for workers rights.

Be kind to animals. Stop factory/animal farms. Save 100+ animals every year.

End deforestation for grazing. Save an acre of trees per year. End grazing on public lands.

Tell the government to stop killing wildlife for corporate ranchers' profits.

Stop wars for resources. Help end corporate. Make the world a better place.

Help stop climate change. Stop the No.1 polluter of water. Support a sustainable planet. 

Live your values. Live with compassion. Stop the violence.


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