The Retreat Animal Rescue Farm Sanctuary & Cafe

The Retreat Animal Rescue Farm Sanctuary & Cafe

The Retreat was born in 1989 out of frustration at the way the human race treats animals. A rescue centre which would save tormented, abused, sick, injured and unwanted animals from certain death was therefore founded.

Some of our residents include: ex-race horses, ex-riding school ponies, injured live export sheep, cows saved from slaughter, ex-petting farm goats, injured birds, ferrets, Christmas turkeys, worn-out battery hens, disabled non-releasable wildlife, fish, small domestics, old or feral and FIV cats, and dogs who have failed behaviour tests in other dog homes.

We offer specialised care for the animals who we take in. We are a not-for-profit organisation and all the Trustees and most of the volunteers being vegan.

All funds raised go to the welfare of the animals, being cared for. We also use the funds for The Retreat's facilities and where possible, animals are re-homed in permanent, loving homes.

The Retreat operates a genuine no-kill policy.

Our site accommodates our main rescue centre and, wildlife hospital to deal with most animal intakes and emergencies, together with our permanent horses, cows and sheep residents.

We now have ample room to care for more animals, our intensive and equine re-homing centre, along with care-for-life wildlife and exotic

The number of animals being cared for by The Retreat is over 1,000 at any one time.

The Retreat Animal Rescue Farm Sanctuary & Café



We've been taught to treat animals as commodities, hence the term livestock; and discriminate against all others but cats, dogs etc by only giving our love to the latter. All animals deserve our love regardless of species.

Let's stop this discrimination and let love rule. It's time to unlearn what we've been taught and realise we've been lied to believe we need animal corpses and their secretions to survive. 

It's time to start connecting with and loving all animals around us. You can start here at The Retreat. Visit us to become friends with cows, pigs, turkeys, horses, ducks, chickens and more to see that they are no different to a cat or dog. 

So be kind, it's easy.

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Opening times:

Thursday 12-4pm 
Friday 12-4pm 
Saturday 12-4pm 
Sunday 12-4pm 



Free Entry
Free Parking

Brickyard Farm, Cripple Hill, High Halden, Kent, TN26 3LJ

You can bring your animal friends along, but please keep them on a leash
throughout your whole visit at The Retreat.

Please note we are all-vegan rescue and sanctuary so please do not bring any non-vegan foods and drinks during your visit. 

Make sure to check our Events page to see the amazing events we organise!

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