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The Animal In Me By Billy Thompson (founder of The Retreat Animal Rescue & Sanctuary)

The Animal In Me By Billy Thompson (founder of The Retreat Animal Rescue & Sanctuary)

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The follow up to Billy Thompson's amazing first book, Earth Boy.

This remarkable book, The Animal In Me, is pretty sure to put a smile on your face.

Few of us end up living our passion in the way Billy Thompson does, but there is something so pure and single-minded about the way he lives his life, that is so utterly selfless and principled, so relentlessly optimistic and decent in defiance of appalling cruelty, that you can't help feeling better about the world because you know there are people like Billy in it. Ultimately this book is about kindness and that is what Billy Thompson is all about. Kindness, compassion and seeing the joy in all life. His tales are captivating and engaging, with Billy's charm and humour running across every page. The intensity of Billy's passion has caused him to lead a rich, varied and unorthodox life which is a joy to discover. This book is a collection of often hilarious anecdotes that illustrate just how gratifying rescuing animals can be.

Billy Thompson was born in London and grew up in Kent. He has spent his entire life caring for and rescuing animals all over the world. In 1996 Billy Thompson and Neil Davies founded The Retreat Animal Rescue in Kent in England, where they now care for over a thousan residents at any time.

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