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Suma Minestrone Soup 400g

Suma Minestrone Soup 400g

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Suma presents a tasty meal in a tin that’s ready to eat with a few minutes in the microwave or saucepan. This delectable minestrone soup is full of organic ingredients that have been untainted by artificial flavourings. Suma supports sustainable, organic farming practices and believe that they’re behind the incredible, natural taste of their soups. This minestrone is no exception, with a mix of kale, carrot, green beans, tomato and much more.


Water, vegetables*(20%) (in variable proportions: green beans*, carrots*, kale*, haricot beans*, rehydrated onion*), chopped tomatoes*, tomato puree*, sunflower oil*, macaroni elbows* (4%)(durum wheat flour, water), rice flour*, vegetable bouillon*(rice flour*, sea salt, yeast extract, dried vegetables & concentrated vegetable juices* (onion*, carrot*, parsnip*, mushroom*, pumpkin*), sunflower oil*, turmeric*, parsley*, lovage*, garlic*, fennel seeds*), basil*, onion powder*, ground bay leaf*, parsley*, rosemary*, nutmeg*, white pepper*.
*denotes product of organic farming

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