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Plenty Reasons Garlic Ham Slices 120g

Plenty Reasons Garlic Ham Slices 120g

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Plenty Reasons Garlic Ham is a fantastic vegan meat alternative that is mild and delicate, but full of tasty garlic and naturally smoky tones. Thanks to the unique addition of chickpeas, we love its outstandingly “meaty” texture.

Based on wheat, this vegan garlic ham is packed with protein and free from preservatives and artificial colours. It has a characteristic flavour that won’t be mistaken for any other meat alternative.

Let Plenty Reasons’ Garlic Ham Slices crisp up nicely when fried for your sandwiches, salads or pizzas. Or, eat them straight from the pack!

Ingredients: Water, WHEAT Protein, Chickpeas, Rapeseed Oil, Nutritional Yeast, SOYA, Fibres (Bamboo, Pea, Plantain), Natural Spices (Including MUSTARD, Dried Garlic (1.8%)), Flavourings (Including Smoke Flavouring), Spirit Vinegar, Sugar, Glucose, Salt, Maltodextrin, Oak Wood Smoke.

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